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Finding a good estate agent is imperative to you finding the perfect property to meet your particular needs and budget. Estate agencies are all over the world, usually with a wide number of companies in one local area all competing against each other to dominate the market share.
Deciding which estate agent to work with can be a rather daunting experience when you’re faced with a number of companies, each company’s home to a number of estate agents.
The best thing to do before you contact anyone is to identify the estate agents operating in the area that interest you, whether you are looking to buy or rent. The benefit if you are looking to purchase a property is that the majority of agencies will work together, so you only have one agent to deal with and they will act as the buying agent. That estate agent will deal with other agents, which are then working as the selling agents. This is advantageous when it comes time to negotiate.
In the rental market, you find agents don’t really share listings, which means you are probably going to have to go from one company to the next until you find the property you are looking for.
The best place to start is online, identifying the agencies in the area and determining the properties they have listed on their website. Choose a few companies you feel could be the right match for you and can act as your buying or rental agent. From here you are going to want to do some homework to ensure the company you choose is the best in the area and is going to provide you with the best service and help you find your dream property with ease.
You want to find estate agents that have years of experience in the property industry. The property industry is highly competitive and in some instances newer agents are likely to value properties at higher prices in order to secure the mandate. You need to be assured that you are viewing properties in your price range that are well priced, so you can make a sound investment moving forward.
In addition to this, any estate agents you deal with should have extensive local knowledge and experience. They should be able to discuss your property requirements with you and tell you if you are being reasonable in your requests when it comes to your budget. While you may want a four bedroom, three bedroom home with garden, it may not be realistic at the price you want to spend in the area you are looking in and you may have to compromise somewhere along the line to find the perfect property.
Further, you want to choose estate agents that have a good property portfolio. Ideally they should have the majority of the market share in the area based on their current listings. You may also want to note how long they have had each of their listings. Listings that have been sitting for years are not ideal and shouldn’t make up the majority of their portfolio. The agents should constantly be adding new properties with a good turnover, so you know that you are not buying a “lemon.”
Any estate agent should provide their client with outstanding service and support. They should eliminate jargon and speak to you in a language that you understand, enabling you to get an idea on what to expect moving forward.
Finally, the ideal situation, the estate agents will be technologically advanced and be able to provide you with the convenience of electronic contracts, which can save you time and energy when counter offering an offer you have made on your dream home.
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